What Is A Unicorn In Dating?

What Is A Unicorn In Dating?

Have you ever heard of someone looking for a unicorn to start a relationship with? If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, you can be left perplexed. Although it’s easy to comprehend, you’d probably need to be in an open or polyamorous relationship to have come across one of these circumstances. Are you ready to find out what is a unicorn in dating?

When it comes to dating, a person who is open to joining a relationship is referred to as a unicorn.

This is going to develop into a romantic partner with whom both parties to the first connection will have romantic relations and engage in sexual activity. Frequently, the elusive unicorn will be a bisexual female.


Who Is A Unicorn In Dating?

An individual who is eager to enter an established couple is known as a unicorn. They might merely join the pair for sexual purposes. Also, they might grow more involved and start spending time with them for reasons other than sex. 

Due to the rarity, mythological nature, and difficulty in locating unicorns, the word is used to describe these species.


Things To Consider Before Trying It

Unicorn dating may seem thrilling. It can actually result in some fairly intriguing encounters for all parties involved. However, there are dangers to watch out for as well. Before you even begin looking for someone who fits the bill, examine the following factors.


Use A Website Intended For Long-Term Partnerships If You’re Looking For Anything More

Try EliteSingles if you’re seeking something more long-term. The target audience for this journal is “sapiosexuals” and highly educated singles, and studies have indicated that non-monogamous or polyamorous relationships are more common among highly educated people.


Be Prepared For Some Difficulties In Locating The Ideal Person

Why is finding a unicorn so difficult? The reason unicorns reject or refuse the offers is frequently that they’ve had bad experiences with unicorn dating in the past especially bisexual women. 

One issue is that the pair frequently expects the unicorn to fulfill each partner’s sexual desires equally. Thus if the unicorn is more attracted to one partner than the other, there may be feelings of jealousy.

In extended relationships, unicorns are expected to be sexually committed to the couple and refrain from dating anyone else.

Future animosity may result from this. Setting boundaries for what you will and will not do is OK. However, trying to control another person’s conduct to suit your preferences rarely turns out well.


Choose The Qualities You Want In A Unicorn Date

To locate a solid match, it is critical that you decide what you are looking for as a couple. Do you wish to meet someone for the evening? Or perhaps someone who would be more of a long-term “friend with benefits”? Some couples even seek out new members of their families who will cohabitate with them in polyamorous relationships.

By inviting a unicorn to join them at a swingers’ club or another special threesomes-only event, many couples are just hoping to spice up their romantic relationships. You’ll be more likely to locate the right person if you talk about and be clear about what you are (and are not) hoping for.


There Are Fewer Unicorns On Conventional Dating Websites

Alternative dating websites are more likely to contain unicorns, especially those that cater to LGBTQ+ users or those with unconventional dating goals. After all, they are quite likely to be bisexual or pansexual if they are going to interact with a heterosexual couple. 

Additionally, you can think about joining non-monogamous social media communities. Some of these organizations are encouraging trios and triads.

Triads are partnerships between three people, which can either result in the romance between all three parties or, alternatively, in a “vee” structure, where one party serves as the hinge while the other two are not romantically attached.

Despite the fact that many bisexual single women may be hesitant to join a pair, social gatherings, whether online or in person, provide you all the opportunity to meet one another and determine whether your expectations are compatible. Kink-friendly or LGBTQ+ bars and clubs are an additional option.


Do Not Forget That Unicorns Are Living, Breathing Creatures

In addition to being toys, unicorns are real people. They have feelings and can be seeking more than just a single fun-filled evening. Some unicorns felt as though they have been treated as “sex toys”, used and then discarded when the enjoyment is done. While others claim to be seeking only casual hookups.


Before Things Become Intimate, Bring Up Safe Sex

Before you go out on the town and start drinking, be ready to discuss safer sex practices. You and your lover may already have safer sex habits. In this case, bring them up when you’re all calm and collected along with the unicorn. Tell the truth about your STI history.

Make sure everyone is in agreement with the safety precautions to be taken and who will be in charge of providing oral contraceptives, and other barriers like condoms and dental dams. Today, many people place a high value on vaccinations. 

Monogamous spouses may have avoided bringing up these topics in the past since they didn’t seem important to them.



It’s not always as easy to “swipe right” for a night of fun threesome sex or discover the “ideal third” to add to your relationship while unicorn dating. Finding a suitable match in terms of attraction and expectations between the three of you may take a little longer than you anticipate. This is because you, your partner, and the unicorn all have different goals for the experience.

However, non-traditional dating options are now much more widely known and accepted and as we’ve already mentioned. There are a variety of online and offline services available to assist you in finding a willing and compatible unicorn. Dating a unicorn can be successful with some thoughtful consideration, preparation, and open communication.

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