What Are The Bases In Dating?

What Are The Bases In Dating?

There is a lot of jargon that is used in relational contexts. Many of the words, including “ghosting,” and  “cuffing” are very new. They only became popular in the last few years. Some of them have been around a little longer, such as referring to how far you have traveled with someone as “bases”. What are the bases in dating? We’ll explore these baseball metaphors for sexual activity and physical closeness that are frequently used as euphemisms in the United States, especially among teens.


What Are The Bases In Dating?

The bases are important for scoring runs in baseball. To score runs, the batter must hit the ball, touch first, second, and third bases in that order, and then come home (fourth base).

People in the US compare sexual behavior to baseball when describing it. They discuss the degree of physical intimacy attained in partnerships using baseball analogies. These allusions might have been made to you in high school or college. Although these terms have been around for a while, teenagers frequently use them today.

They gained popularity because the general public could relate to and easily understand the baseball words. Although the definitions of bases may slightly vary between sources, this post will teach you the terms that are most frequently used.

Relationships have four main foundations. To get the idea of American bases, continue reading.


First Base

The foundation of a relationship is a kiss. It covers every kind of kiss, from a peck to a french kiss. A relationship begins with a kiss. 

In addition, it is allowed to touch the shoulders, face, or neck while kissing. A kiss is a wonderful method to communicate love and is the starting point of most physical relationships.

Hollywood romantic comedies and fairytales frequently emphasize the importance of a kiss. It is a symbol of love and romance in its purest form. Dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are a few “feel-good” hormones that are released when two people kiss. 

Dopamine generates exhilaration and compulsive activity, but serotonin makes you feel calm and at ease. Oxytocin fosters feelings of bonding and affection.


Second Base

It involves more than just kissing. There is a lot of foreplay involved, such as fondling the nipples, chest, and breasts. The make-out, though, is only allowed above the waist.

If the two of you are not prepared to go all the way or have time constraints, the second base is the ideal place to let off some steam. Getting to second base means you are halfway to the extremely exciting and stressful finish line.

The act strengthens your bond and brings the two of you closer together. Even if you choose to take it slow, engaging in second-base foreplay will still allow you to enjoy the intimacy of a relationship. But without the climax, you might experience some frustration.


Third Base

The conclusion is close if you have advanced to third base. Even though you might not get there in the end, you essentially get to enjoy the rest. In this stage, oral sex and stimulation of one another are acceptable. 

You’re entering a new realm of closeness at this point. You have the opportunity to deeply explore each other’s bodies and experience unparalleled pleasure. At this level, you are capable of receiving your big “O.”

Fourth Base

The final position is the fourth base. It refers to penetration sex and is occasionally called a “home run”.  It is a supreme act of intimacy that needs comfort and confidence. Sexual pleasure is a two-way street. The encounter is satisfying for both parties when they are aware of and meet each other’s demands.

The ideal time for having sex is not governed by any hard and fast rules. While some wait months, others jump right in during the first meeting. It is a matter of preference. A huge decision like going all the way should only be made after careful consideration. Some couples like unrestricted, casual sex, but this requires agreement from both partners.


Other Phrases People Use

After exploring what are the bases of dating, let’s find out what other terms people use in the dating scene.

Despite being a little dated, the analogy of the phases of intimate intimacy to jogging the bases is helpful for many people.



One who swings both right- and left-handedly is known as a switch-hitter in baseball. Someone who is bisexual or “playing for both teams” in the dating world is referred to as a switch-hitter since they are attracted to both men and women.


Strike Out

Due to its frequent use, the phrase “striking out” may be well known to you. A batter has three chances to hit the ball to progress the game in baseball.

Every missing swing counts as a strike, and after three strikes, the hitter is declared “out,” ending their turn and bringing up the next batter to the plate.It denotes failure to win first place in a dating game or the inability to successfully participate in any form of foreplay.



Pitching refers to the act of tossing the ball, whilst catching refers to the act of catching it.

But when used in a partnership, these two phrases connote anal sex between gay males. The penetrating partner is the “pitcher,” and the victim of the act is the “catcher.”

These phrases are even more archaic because they were used decades ago when homosexuality was generally distinguished from heterosexuality.


How Important Are The Bases In A Relationship?

Now you know what are the bases of dating. Though it’s admittedly a little strange to use baseball jargon to discuss and understand sex.

The truth is that metaphor may be a bit out of date and stale to correspond with contemporary views on sex, especially since the fundamental framework assigns a hierarchy to various sexual activities and oversimplifies immensely nuanced human sexual behavior.

The bases also don’t take the variety of genders, sexual preferences, fetishes, and activities into account. The fact that no one type of sexual contact is “greater” or goes further than the other is another criticism leveled against the fundamental structure.

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