SaucyDates Adult Dating Site Review

SaucyDates Adult Dating Site Review

Are you single and looking for a casual relationship? Have you ever considered using an adult dating site to help spice up your dating life? SaucyDates is the latest trend in online dating, offering users a fun way to meet potential dates. In this blog post, we will honestly review SaucyDates, discussing its features and what it can offer people who want to try a romantic adventure. So if you’re single and ready to mingle, read on to learn why SaucyDates could be the perfect way to mix things up!

About SaucyDates Site

SaucyDates is an adult dating site for people searching for casual and short-term dating connections. It is one of the longest-running and most popular casual dating services in the United Kingdom. Today, it is rapidly expanding its adult network globally. Almost 1 million singles and swingers have created profiles on this site and delved into this conversational and flirtatious dating atmosphere.

The signup procedure on SaucyDates is one of its most appealing elements. Users may register for free and build a profile in minutes. The website also provides several communication features, such as a chat function, a messaging system, and video chat. 

In addition, the site’s security features and adult-friendly profile restrictions appeal to privacy-conscious online daters who wish to avoid small talk and connect with actual dating prospects online.

SaucyDates also has a variety of search and matching capabilities that allow users to locate possible matches based on their location, age, interests, and preferences. The search algorithms on the site are intended to offer users the most relevant and appropriate matches.

However, it should be noted that SaucyDates is intended for adults and may include sexual content. Therefore, users must be at least 18 years old to use the site, according to its terms and conditions.

Overall, SaucyDates is a viable alternative for those seeking casual dating and hookups. Nonetheless, like with any adult dating site, you should use care and precautions to secure your safety when engaging with other members.

How Does SaucyDates Work?

SaucyDates works like most of the other dating sites out there. You create an account and then browse through users to find someone you like. However, you’re greeted by a paywall before you can chat with anyone.

Who Is SaucyDates For?

SaucyDates is primarily intended for individuals seeking casual dating and short-term partnerships. The service is designed for those searching for flings, hookups, and other non-committal types of dating. It is especially ideal for people who are not interested in long-term relationships or commitments and prefer something more casual.

SaucyDates is available to users of all sexual orientations. The site’s user base comprises people from all walks of life and backgrounds. However, it is crucial to remember that the site is intended for those over the age of 18.

It is important to note that SaucyDates is not intended for anyone searching for serious, long-term relationships or marriage. If you want to make a deeper and more meaningful connection with someone, consider using an adult dating site that focuses on conventional dating.

Pros And Cons Of SaucyDates As An Adult Dating Site

Here are some pros and cons of SaucyDates:


  • Simple and quick registration procedure. Joining up with SaucyDates is quick and easy. You can create a profile in just a few minutes.
  • A sizable user base. Because SaucyDates offers a vast and diversified user base, there are many prospective matches to pick from.
  • The emphasis is on casual dating. SaucyDates might be a wonderful alternative if you’re seeking a casual dating encounter.
  • There is no cost to join. SaucyDates is free to join and provides some basic services without users needing to subscribe.
  • An easy-to-use UI. The site offers a straightforward layout that makes it simple to explore and locate what you’re searching for.


  • Free features are limited. While users may join SaucyDates for free, many of the site’s essential services, such as texting and video chat, need a premium subscription.
  • Safety concerns. While engaging with strangers online, there are possible safety hazards, just as in any adult dating site. Although SaucyDates provides certain safety recommendations and rules, it is still necessary to use caution and good judgment when talking with other members.
  • Overt content. SaucyDates is intended for adults and may include explicit content that is not appropriate for all users.
  • Unsuitable for people looking for long-term partnerships. SaucyDates is primarily intended for casual dating and hookups. It may not be the most excellent option for people seeking long-term relationships or marriage.

Signing Up At SaucyDates

Unlike other dating services, SaucyDates requires you to answer one question at a time throughout the registration process. While this may take some time, you will be confident you can examine and submit proper answers. The first piece of information required is your email address. After selecting “Register for free,” you will be taken to the following query: gender.

At this part, you will be prompted to pick your gender from a list. Not only may you sign up on your own, but you can also sign up as a pair. The next form will ask for your sexual orientation; choose one (or two for couples) from the list.

After clicking “Continue,” you will be prompted to provide your age. Then, for the final form, you must create a password. After that, SaucyDates will send you an email with a confirmation link. Just click it to join SaucyDates.

SaucyDates Profile Quality

A profile on SaucyDates comprises the following information:

  1. Age and Name – Your name (or screen name, if you like) is prominently displayed at the top and rightmost area of your profile.
  2. Contact – Anybody who browses a profile, paid and free users, will see the contact choices. They can send a “Hot” message or directly contact a member. This section also contains a “Report” option if the profile appears suspicious.
  3. Orientation – You choose your orientation in the “Sexuality” section of the signup process, and it will appear directly on top of your photo. 
  4. Picture – You may submit up to nine photographs. You can pick which one will be your primary photo from among them.
  5. Location – A member’s location will include their address and the distance from the place.
  6. Biography – Give a quick summary of your interests. They can be sexual or not, whatever tickles your fancy.
  7. Interests – Because SaucyDates is an adult dating and hookup website, your sexual preferences will be displayed on your profile. When you confirm your registration, you will be questioned about this.

On the other hand, the somewhat limited profiles may provide the ideal chance for users to think outside the box. A brief yet intriguing biography accompanied by well-chosen photographs can spark curiosity.

Unique And Interesting Features Of SaucyDates

Certainly, SaucyDates has several fascinating and unique features that set it apart from other dating services.

  • Test for sexual compatibility. SaucyDates provides a sexual compatibility test for users to understand their sexual preferences and compatibility with possible matches. The test includes questions on sexual fantasies, turn-ons, and fetishes.
  • Video conferencing. Users on SaucyDates may video chat with one other, which can help develop a better connection and offer a more accurate idea of what the other person looks and sounds like.
  • Travel section. SaucyDates has a travel option that allows users to search for prospective partners in different cities or countries. This tool is convenient for individuals planning a trip and wanting to set up some casual dates or hookups ahead of time.
  • Browse anonymously. Users may view profiles anonymously on SaucyDates, which helps keep your identity hidden or avoid being seen by particular persons.
  • Personal photo albums. Users can set up private picture albums and offer access to them on an individual basis. This function is excellent for sharing more intimate or graphic images with specific matches.

Overall, SaucyDates provides fascinating and unique services for people seeking casual dating and hookups. But remember that the site is not for everyone, and you should only use it if you are okay with its explicit material and casual dating focus.

Alternatives To SaucyDates

Depending on your unique needs and tastes, various dating sites and applications might function as SaucyDates alternatives.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder, like SaucyDates, is a dating service that focuses on casual dating and hookups. It has a vast user base and several options for locating and communicating with possible mates.


Tinder is a popular dating app renowned for its casual dating and hookup culture. It is extensively used and provides a straightforward, swipe-based interface for discovering mates.


Bumble is a dating app that is similar to Tinder in many aspects, except that women must initiate contact with matches. It is geared toward women and is noted for drawing a younger, more casual user base.


OkCupid is a dating service that focuses on traditional dating and relationships while still providing certain options for casual dating and hookups. It offers a vast user base as well as several search and matching capabilities.


Pure is a dating app that focuses entirely on hookups and casual dating. It offers a simple UI that prioritizes anonymity and privacy.

These are just a few dating sites and apps that can be used as SaucyDates substitutes. Finally, your specific needs and preferences will determine the best solution for you. Therefore, it is a good idea to examine and evaluate several websites and programs to find the ideal one for you.


How Much Does SaucyDates Cost?

SaucyDates offers free and paid memberships. The following are the current site’s subscription prices as of September 2021:

  • Monthly subscription: $29.99
  • Subscription for three months: $19.99 per month (paid as a one-time payment of $59.97)
  • Six-month subscription: $15.99 per month (paid as a $95.94 one-time payment)

SaucyDates’ free edition includes some basic capabilities, including establishing a profile, exploring other profiles, and sending a limited number of messages. Several of the site’s essential features, such as limitless messaging and video chat, do, however, necessitate a monthly subscription.

SaucyDates periodically provides promotional discounts or free trials, so check the price page to see if any are available. Remember that pricing may have changed since September 2021, so double-check the current SaucyDates costs.

Access The SaucyDates App

SaucyDates recently created a mobile app for iOS users to keep the steamy talks going on the go. It has the same capabilities and a nice color palette as the desktop version, so navigating the app is just as straightforward.

The site’s creators say the program was designed to use as little battery power and data as possible.

For Android users, you can access your SaucyDates account through the mobile browser. You’ll see that the mobile version is just as basic and clear as the desktop version.

FAQ On SaucyDates

Is SaucyDates a legit site? is indeed a legitimate platform. The services they provide are straightforward, secure and clear—there’s no deception involved or false expectations set. With SaucyDates, you can find exactly what you need for your particular situation. Whether that be casual dating, long-distance flirting or something more serious—without any surprises along the way. 

How does SaucyDates operate?

SaucyDates functions similarly to the majority of other dating websites. You sign up for an account and then go through the users to locate someone you like.

Is a SaucyDates app available?

SaucyDates is available for Android (mobile browser) and iOS users.

Is SaucyDates Safe For Users?

Reporting And Blocks has a very powerful blocking and reporting tool. Rather than separate systems, they are combined. In almost all cases, if you want to report another member and wish to cease communication, with just one click, you can choose “Reporting and Block.”

The site’s moderation team will follow up, review the account, and delete it if required. But most importantly, the offending member will be removed from all of your account activity, and you will be removed from theirs. To the offender, it appears as if your account has been removed.

Message Warnings

The fake or scammer will always have to interact with you via message. If our systems consider the person you are talking with as a high risk, their message is marked with a warning. You can read the message, but the warning helps you be on your guard and educates every member on the site about things to look out for in the future.


If you’re looking for a fun, flirty way to meet new people, check out SaucyDates. It’s an adult-oriented website packed with features to make it easy to find dates. You can check out member profiles, flirt with other people, exchange voice messages and pictures, and even join group check-in sessions – all in one place. Not only that but its privacy filters keep your confidential information safe, meaning you can enjoy all the fun of adult dating without any worry. This adult dating site is perfect for those who are looking for some no-strings-attached fun. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for SaucyDates today!

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