BlackPeopleMeet Reviews: Legit or Not?

BlackPeopleMeet Reviews: Legit or Not?

Since the rise of the internet, our society has continued to get smaller, making whatever you could possibly want, no matter how uncommon or secluded, far more accessible than ever before-this includes love. BlackPeopleMeet is the place to be if your love preferences tilt toward black people. Now that you’ve found the BlackPeopleMeet app in your quest for love, it should come as no surprise—it’s one of the most well-known dating sites in its category. There are a lot of BlackPeopleMeet reviews out there saying different things about this site.

Let’s explore what makes the popular dating site BlackPeopleMeet so popular, its advantages and disadvantages, and what to anticipate while starting your romantic adventure there.

About BlackPeopleMeet Dating Site

The BlackPeopleMeet dating site gives singles of color who wish to connect with others who understand their cultural background and way of life. Several black singles or singles of color in general, claim that the experience of traditional dating services is unpleasant because of the prevalence of racists and fetishists.

Although we know that utilizing a dating app with excellent moderators will help prevent these problems, it is still fantastic to have specialized applications like BlackPeopleMeet where singles can feel at ease and secure while online dating.

Who Is BlackPeopleMeet Intended For?

BlackPeopleMeet is a well-known ethnic dating service. The Texas-based company, People Media, introduced the dating service in 2002. It is the best option for single African-American men and women wanting to meet new people, go on exciting dates, and develop committed relationships culminating in marriage. However, you shouldn’t assume that it only appeals to African-Americans. You are invited to join, regardless of your race.

How Does BlackPeopleMeet Work?

Look at the audience structure to get a better idea of how BlackPeopleMeet functions. The number of American subscribers is above 900,000. The group is fairly busy (30,000 users per week), and there is a good gender split of 45% women and 55% men. It is the largest dating site for individuals of all races and cultural backgrounds.

On the majority of websites, you only see stunning white people. BlackPeopleMeet caters to the segment that many international dating services tend to overlook. Black singles are highly admired and celebrated in this place. See their profile pictures! These are stunning!

It is a targeted online dating site, as was stated at the outset. There are no restrictions on other racial singles joining the community, though. Many Asians fantasize about meeting African-American men or women. Here, you may do a partner search.

Registration to BlackPeopleMeet

In less than three minutes, you can register on this site.

Each new user should briefly describe themselves in the bio area. You may include a lot of images (up to 30 items). The procedure can be sped up by importing the Facebook account’s images.

There are five steps to the enrollment process, the final of which promotes BlackPeopleMeet premium membership.

BlackPeopleMeet respects your privacy and needs to know your zip code and birthday.

The easiest part of signing up with BlackPeopleMeet is that it is simple, and you can start looking and speaking immediately. It’s different from the website that keeps emailing you with personal queries.

Setting up your profile on BlackPeopleMeet

Write a paragraph about yourself on your dating profile after submitting a photo. The more open you are, the simpler it will be to discover the appropriate individual. Share as much as you are comfortable with.

You can select one of BlackPeople Meet’s several subscription plans after the enrollment procedure is complete. Choose the best plan for you and your spending limit to begin using the website.

Profile Quality

  • The possibility to see profiles with photos is available to free members.
  • Your photo content’s privacy settings are exclusive to you.
  • As there is no verification procedure, fraudsters and scammers are a possibility.
  • You may report any profile that seems odd.
  • You should be aware that BlackPeopleMeet reviews and test the website’s performance by creating profiles and eventually promoting its services.
  • Afterward, you may edit your page.

Popular dating site BlackPeopleMeet strives to give its users high-quality dating services. You may introduce yourself to the large community by using your profile. In order to get people’s attention, you must stand out. 

How To Find Matches On BlackPeopleMeet?

There are both simple and advanced search options on BlackPeopleMeet. An option that allows you to look through profiles one at a time, much like applications like Tinder. You may also look for users using keywords, usernames, who’s online right now, and recent viewers. This provides you with a ton of freedom to choose the partner who is ideal for you.

BlackPeopleMeet Reviews: What Are The Pros And Cons?

We have summed up the BlackPeopleMeet reviews, and here are the pros and cons:

Pros of Using BlackPeopleMeet

  • Although other ethnicities are welcome to join the site, Black Americans are the main demographic.
  • There are several amusing elements to keep people interested.
  •  It is the largest dating site in the country for black, unmarried people.
  • The signup process is quick and easy.
  • To welcome all of your visitors, you may include an audio or video presentation on your profile.

Cons of Using BlackPeopleMeet

  • Premium membership plans are required for the necessary functionality.
  • You don’t have the authority to send messages as an ordinary user.
  • Personality tests are not available on BlackPeopleMeet.
  • Only email is available for customer support communications.

Are There Any Unique or Interesting Features on BlackPeopleMeet?

The following are the primary characteristics that set apart. They assist in finding dates, amuse the entire neighborhood, and protect your data and privacy to the greatest extent feasible.

Virtual Presents

If you have any spare tokens, you should purchase one of BlackPeopleMeet’s virtual gifts. You may give them to anybody you choose. It is a tactic for attracting attention and elevating someone else’s mood. You may express your respect and devotion for your match by buying them one of these adorable virtual presents. These stand in for the traditional gifts individuals give one another when they first begin love relationships (flowers, jewelry, soft toys, etc.).


Several newcomers are unsure about what to include in their bio. To get to know you better, the text should be interesting. You can get the ProfilePro paying feature if you lack writing ability. You may hire a writer to complete this task for you. For sure, there’s a lot of prospective mates will be drawn to your profile.


We advise ordering the “PromoteMe” function if you want to advertise your BlackPeopleMeet profile and have it appear at the top of search results. “MatchMe” will assist you if you want to get more dates where you are on the list of possible partners.


On the BlackPeopleMeet website, users write letters to one another to communicate. Simple SMS messages, however, are insufficient if you want to improve your relationships and make them more intimate. The “ConnectMe” option is necessary if you want to hear the voice of your special someone. Don’t assume you will be required to give up your phone number. A generated phone number will be provided by BlackPeopleMeet, which may be used to connect with the ideal mate.

How Much Does This Dating Site Cost?

BlackPeopleMeet is less expensive than many of its larger competitors. A longer subscription will cut the monthly cost, so if you enjoy the app’s free version, it may be worth subscribing for a longer amount of time.

What Can You Do on BlackPeopleMeet for Free?

A free BlackPeopleMeet account has a helpful range of functions. You can look through profiles and look for suitable matches. If someone likes you back, you can give a Like and receive an Echo. But, you will not be able to message all users unless they have purchased a Reply for Free featured message. As a result, a free account is unlikely to turn into a paid account.

Premium Features and Upgrades on BlackPeopleMeet

You may supplement your BlackPeopleMeet subscription with a few valuable extra features. One example is the Reply for Free function, which allows those who haven’t subscribed to your emails to respond to them.

BlackPeopleMeet has added Promote Me function that lets users promote themselves to the top page of search results by purchasing virtual tokens for $0.99 for 25 tokens, $3.99 for 110 tokens, or $9.99 for 280 tokens.

BlackPeopleMeet fee of membership is determined by the length of time you commit. If you sign up for 6 months, the cost is $2.99 per week or $11.96 per month. A 3-month subscription costs $3.99 a week or $13.96 per month, while a 1-month subscription is $4.19 per week.

Access BlackPeopleMeet Dating App

The BlackPeopleMeet mobile app for android and iOS users is incredibly simple to use and provides various search options and sorting capabilities to help you locate the type of person you’re looking for. I loved how the free trial version gave you access to all of the major features.

You could like members, read their entire profiles, browse their images, and even grade my daily matches so that the algorithm would update with better matches the next day.

Message Ideas may be used as icebreakers to give you an idea of what to say to a possible match if you’re stuck for words when it comes to making the first move. But bear in mind that in order to contact members via any of these methods, you must first upgrade to a premium account.

Is BlackPeopleMeet Safe? takes rigorous security precautions to keep its customers safe. There are several safety tips for utilizing online dating services. Single men and women who want to keep their data private can turn off their online statuses.

You will be browsing anonymously as a result of this. Also, any user who threatens other members is automatically blocked.

Many new users ask if BlackPeopleMeet is racist. We can’t call it racist since it caters to people of many ethnicities, not just African-Americans. Regardless of skin tone, anyone may join the community.

It concentrates on African-Americans, who account for almost 95% of the workforce. But anyone from any background may use the service to find possible dates. BlackPeopleMeet does not wish to insult anyone. This is the place to be if you want to create relationships with African-Americans.

Best alternatives to BlackPeopleMeet

Soul Singles vs. BlackPeopleMeet

Both BlackPeopleMeet and Soul Singles are simple sites that cater to Black singles. Soul Singles offers the benefit of allowing you to send messages even with a free account, and it’s less expensive per month than if you want a premium experience with fewer advertisements.

BlackMatch vs. has the edge over BlackMatch in that it has a mobile app. In addition, BlackMatch is a more pricey alternative with fewer members. As a result, if you’re seeking for love with black individuals, may be a better option. vs.

Ebony Flirt is generally better suited to people seeking a casual hookup rather than a committed relationship. It’s a bit more pricey service, but if you’re looking for flirting and fun, Ebony Flirt could be worth it. But, for committed partnerships, BPM is likely to be the preferable option.

BlackPeopleMeet FAQ

Is a reliable dating service? is one of the most popular online dating services for Black people and those wishing to meet other Black people. It features a vast user base, a contemporary platform, and several dating, searching, and communication options that make finding and meeting other individuals simple.

Is a genuine website? is a well-known dating service with over one million users and a well-designed platform. It was established in 2002 and has been in operation for about 20 years.

What is the cost of

The fee of membership is determined by the length of time you commit. If you sign up for 6 months, the cost is $2.99 per week or $11.96 per month. A 3-month subscription costs $3.99 a week or $13.96 per month, while a 1-month subscription is $4.19 per week.


BlackPeopleMeet is a well-known and legitimate specialized dating site. It caters to the target demographic and strives to meet the demands of its customers. It’s comforting to know that there is a secure website dedicated to African-Americans. 

The site has a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for members to navigate and find potential matches.

One of the strengths of BlackPeopleMeet is its large user base, which includes a diverse group of individuals looking for serious relationships, casual dating, or just friendship. The site’s targeted approach to dating helps users find like-minded individuals and build connections based on shared interests and values.

BlackPeopleMeet also offers a range of features to help members connect and interact with each other. These include messaging, flirts, virtual gifts, and seeing who has viewed your profile. The site also offers a unique feature called “Echo,” which allows users to highlight specific parts of a member’s profile and leave a personalized message.

In terms of safety and security, BlackPeopleMeet employs strict measures to ensure the privacy and protection of its users. Members can block and report suspicious or abusive accounts, and the site’s customer service team is available to provide assistance and support.

One potential weakness of BlackPeopleMeet is that it may not have as many features as other dating sites. Some users may find the site’s interface and navigation less sophisticated than other options. Additionally, the site’s subscription fees are relatively high compared to other dating sites, which may be a turnoff for some users.

Overall, BlackPeopleMeet is a legitimate and reliable online dating site that caters specifically to the black community. It is an excellent option for those looking to connect with like-minded individuals. 

Do you still have reservations? It’s time to give BlackPeopleMeet a go!

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