BiCupid Reviews: The Best Dating Site for Bisexual and LGBTQ+ Singles

BiCupid Reviews: The Best Dating Site for Bisexual and LGBTQ+ Singles

Explore your sexuality on this great online dating site that meets the needs of bisexuals. It embraces their bisexuality and protects them from the ridicule and frown of a society that thinks bisexual people are not a part of it. Of course, we’re talking about BiCupid, a unique online dating platform for LGBTQ+ and bisexual individuals. There are a lot of positive BiCupid reviews, and it’s easy to see why this site is highly regarded among its users.

Unlike other traditional services, Bicupid entertains people seeking same-sex relationships. Since 2003, the site has been trying to help men and women explore this unique dating segment without limiting themselves by social norms, as any law cannot regulate sexual orientation.

While many individuals hesitate to accept this concept, you are safe from their anger on this dating platform. BiCupid embraces the idea of bisexuality and encourages more people to come out of any complex and accept themselves as they are.

About BiCupid Dating Site

The finest website for those looking to experiment with and explore their sexuality is Bicupid. While primarily designed for bisexual people and couples, anybody can use this site. The only requirements are an open mind, a willingness to try new things, and a desire to have fun.

This began as a tiny space for those who wished to experiment and break the mold. Yet it has subsequently expanded into a sizable platform. Bicupid is now the most well-known location for bisexuals, homosexuals, BDSM, and other groups to gather. You have a lot of freedom and flexibility to engage with others who share your interests.

Who Is The BiCupid Dating Site Intended For? is intended for couples and individuals who are bi-sexual or bi-curious. LGBT people of all orientations, including heterosexual people, are also welcome. BiCupid is the ideal spot for you to meet local bisexual individuals or couples to spark things up.

The quiet neighborhood is perfect for exploring new interests or maintaining an active lifestyle. BiCupid also provides other enthusiastic and open-minded singles and couples wishing to date, talk, meet, and more.

How Does BiCupid Work?

When you sign up for the site, you receive a basic membership that entitles you to the following features: the ability to create a profile, upload approximately 26 public photos, and 26 private images, search for other members by country or state, create a list of favorites, and send an unlimited number of winks. 

You may get more benefits if you upgrade your account. Via its user-editable criteria, BiCupid’s members may find suitable companions.

While paid users can store their search filters, free members can only utilize the basic search features. Users may browse through hundreds of prospective matches on the website’s unique SPARK feature and select who they prefer by clicking “Like” or “Pass.” Members receive helpful live support, improving the dating experience even more. Standard users may still explore, like, and send winks for free, even though texting is a paid function.

Who Can Sign Up at the BiCupid Dating Site?

BiCupid is regarded as one of the biggest bisexual dating sites in the world, receiving over 230,000 visits per month. Men over the age of 25 are the most sexually active, making up the majority of site visitors. invites all its users, regardless of gender, to explore their sexuality in any scenario they can agree upon. The majority may use the site for hookups and casual dating, but a sizable portion is also looking for long-term partnerships. BiCupid has you covered for everything from casual encounters to committed partnerships and everything in between.

BiCupid offers services to couples as well as individuals who might like to spice up their bedroom activities. The openness of the dating service is certainly a welcome surprise. The doors are open to other members of the rainbow community as well, as if servicing the bisexual community wasn’t a strong enough message. BiCupid seeks to provide a positive and secure dating environment for LGBTQ+ people of all genders and personalities.

Signing Up at BiCupid

Singles and couples who are at least 18 years old may sign up for BiCupid. Build Your Profile, Upload Pictures, and the About You and Your Match parts make up the entire procedure.

Establish Your Profile

The following information must be included in your profile:

  • What do you seek out on BiCupid?
  • Email address 
  • Age
  • Mobile number
  • Username, password, and name
  • Location
  • Status of relationship
  • Upload your photo

You may pick an image from your gallery or directly from your Facebook account in this area. Don’t worry if your profile says “waiting approval” during your first few hours on the site; will check your images. Make sure you can be recognized in the photo in addition to picking a flattering shot. Use pictures that show your complete face in good lighting.

About You and Your Match

It takes some imagination to write the “About You and Your Mate” section. BiCupid requires users to create a headline, a personal statement, and an ideal candidate profile. If they think of any better responses, you may always go back and read these portions. will give you a verification number when you submit the forms, which you must enter within 10 minutes. BiCupid has placed much emphasis on security because it is a top concern for members. Double-check your contact information and pick a suitable frontal photo if you don’t want your account suspended.

BiCupid Reviews: Weighing The Pros and Cons 

We have compiled the BiCupid reviews, and here are the pros and cons of using this site:

Pros of Using BiCupid

  • Bisexual people’s demands are catered to on the website.
  • Individuals and couples can build profiles.
  • You are welcome to look around for a first date.
  • BiCupid supports bisexuals in embracing their sexuality and leading liberated lives.
  • Both Android and iOS users may download a mobile app from the website.

Cons of Using Bicupid

  • The website’s UI is antiquated.
  • There is no personality-matching algorithm used by BiCupid.
  • A few functions are accessible to free users.

Are There Any Great Features On BiCupid?

BiCupid is a bisexual-specific online dating site with much to offer its customers. Both basic and premium users of BiCupid have access to exclusive features. Premium customers, however, always have additional options and resources at their disposal.


Similar to other dating apps, Spark has a swipe-left or swipe-right option. You may choose to examine one profile at a time and select “yes” or “pass” based on your choices and taste. All members have access to it, which is advantageous for free users.

Bisexual Date Ideas

You may post your Bisexual Dating Ideas to set up enjoyable dates, whether you are a basic or premium member. Visitors who are helpful and active on the site receive a bonus membership. As a result, it is a fantastic incentive for free users to continue contributing their ideas.

Bisexual Forums

Using its forums feature, BiCupid encourages a welcoming and helpful community. Users can share their thoughts and comments here. Also, they may converse with others and ask inquiries.

Reverse Matches

Only premium members have access to this feature. It is a list of the folks who don’t appear to get along with you. Based on your lifestyle, tastes, and plans, the algorithm was created. This function aims to strengthen the idea that opposites attract and make it easier for you to communicate with people who are quite different from you.

Access the BiCupid App

Smartphones are becoming the world’s number one gadget, so it is a plus that BiCupid offers a mobile app for iOS and Android users. The app is free-to-download, and you can subscribe for the monthly packages with your Google Play or App Store account.

We reviewed the app side-by-side with its desktop version, and we couldn’t help but notice that the former is sleeker and more modern in appearance.

For starters, a playful and flirty shade of pink is the dominant color in BiCupid’s app. It’s also less wordy, as icons are used instead of text. The desktop features are all present in mobile, so at least either set of users doesn’t miss out on any functionality.

What’s a plus for mobile users is the ease of navigating the app. Since mobile screens are smaller, you get to appreciate one tab at a time. This makes the experience pleasant as you don’t get bombarded with too much information. Based on BiCupid reviews, people are liking it.

BiCupid Membership Features

Membership Price and Payment Method

Payment options accepted by BiCupid include credit card, PayPal, and check. Your credit card will show the charge as a successful match. There are four monthly membership levels available. 

For the first three choices, you can pay with a credit card or PayPal, but for an annual membership, you must use cash. You must cancel your subscription to stop further payments because the website has an auto-renewal feature.

Free Membership Features

You can do many things with a Standard Membership account, which is free. Here are some of these characteristics:

  • You may add images to your profile and write about who you are and what you want to find on the website.
  • Not just free users but even paid members may see your profile.
  • You may send free winks to any visitor on BiCupid who you find fascinating and appealing as a free user.
  • You can respond to messages sent by premium subscribers if you’re fortunate enough to get one. Just keep in mind that you can’t start the conversation.

Free users can choose to go to other people’s profiles, but they can only utilize the basic search. With the latter, you may search for someone by using criteria like desired gender, desired age range, and desired location.

Premium Membership Features

In addition to all the tools that the free user can access, being a premium member entitles you to a host of extra fascinating benefits. This is a list of all the benefits available to premium members:

  • Begin A Dialogue With Other BiCupid Users.
  • Use the security settings for the profile and photo.
  • Reverse matches should be checked.
  • Find out the most recent time a particular person signed into the account.
  • Find a mate using the advanced search box and a range of keywords.

How Much Is Dating on BiCupid?

BiCupid offers several bundles, including:

One Month of $29.95

Three Months 19.98 $, total 59.95 $

96.95 USD for 6 Months 15.99 USD

143.95 USD over 12 months 12.00 Dollar

Based on BiCupid reviews, users should be aware that the auto-renewal option activates as soon as they pay for their premium pack. If you don’t let the website know you want to cancel your membership, they will continue to charge you.

BiCupid FAQ

How to Succeed in BiCupid’s Picture Verification?

You won’t be able to view your photo on your profile immediately after submitting it during the registration procedure. It takes some time for the site to accept it. You must upload a photograph that reveals your face for it to be accepted. You need to take a photo in a well-lit environment.

How to Delete BiCupid Account?

You must first login before selecting the “Settings” option if you want to remove your account permanently. Next, you need to select “Membership” from here. You will see “Disable the Account” after that. To delete an account, click this symbol and then “Delete Account.”

Your password must now be entered, and you must click “Delete Account” once again. Remember that BiCupid retains your information for two years beginning on the day your page is deleted. However, other members cannot see this information. During two years, you can get in touch with customer service to retrieve and reactivate your account; beyond that time, it will no longer be active.

How to See Who Likes You on BiCupid Without Paying?

You can monitor the list of users who liked you with the assistance of a premium subscription. Unfortunately, this benefit is not available to standard members.


BiCupid is an online dating service that caters to bisexuals’ wants and tastes. This is one special dating site that enables you to look for the partner of your choice. Despite certain interface restrictions, the design as a whole is attractive.

BiCupid is one of the pioneers in bisexual online dating. It offers advanced features that help users find compatible matches quickly, including instant messaging, forums, blogs, and advanced search options. 

The site is committed to ensuring its users’ safety and privacy and offers a free membership plan for users who want to test the waters. However, Bicupid has limited free features, high subscription fees, and a relatively smaller user base. 

Nonetheless, the site remains a top choice for the bisexual and LGBTQ+ community looking for a safe and secure environment to connect with like-minded individuals. 

Based on BiCupid reviews, this is a great dating site that provides specialized services to its targeted audience.

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